Increasing Flexibility for Hoopers

Hey Hoopers and gonna' be Bendy Babes (boys and girls!).

Do the words "I'm not flexible" or "I'll never be flexible" ring a bell?

They do for me.

Despite what you've been told, or may have been telling yourself, being flexible is accessible to any one of us that wants to be flexible. The misconception here is if you haven't been training since you were four, you will never make any progress now. How wrong that is! Here's my story. I was nineteen years old when I started training hula hoops and contortion. I had no experiencing in flexibility training or any knowledge of how my body "flowed". I started from ground zero. What worked for me was having this realization that my body was merely made of knots. Knots that I had been ignoring for nineteen years, and each knot represented a part of my past. The more I worked on untying these knots the happier I was and the more flexible I became (in both mind and body, yoga jazz).