Confessions of a HulaHoopStar

Hula HoopStars Code of Conduct Part Two

For those of you just joining, this is part two of the Hula HoopStars Code of Conduct written by Kate Ryan, Canadian Hoopologie Ambassador. Catch up with the introduction in part one here. Hey Hula Hoopers! Welcome back to the Hula HoopStars Code of Conduct; Part Two. The Hula HoopStars Code is a collection of ideologies, or the "How to Succeed without Really Trying" Chapter created from both personal and collective experiences in the industry I work in (performance art/ entertainment). It is the simplest way I could share the "quick fixes", as to how one could succeed in finding their happy place.

It is what being a role model, and Ambassador means to me.

These are the lessons learned, ideas shared, and practices that myself, and many others have experienced in the wonderful world of Hula HoopStars (all spinners and sinners included!).

So, lets get to it!