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"We want her back! Can we offer her a residency?!"

- Zamir  Dhanji

Cartoon Network Amazone

Stage, Street and Festivals

Kate Ryan's Comedy Circus Show is a hilarious and entertaining performance that combines physical comedy, skilled circus disciplines, and witty humor. As a seasoned comedian and performer, Kate takes the audience on a wild ride of laughter and amusement through a series of sketches and acts, showcasing her incredible talent as a comedian, acrobat, and circus performer. From circus hoops to juggling, acrobatics to magic, quick changes and clowning, Kate performs a variety of acts, all with her impeccable timing and charismatic stage presence. Her witty humor and stunning physical feats create a fun and immersive experience for the audience, suitable for all ages. This one-of-a-kind show promises to leave everyone with a smile on their face and memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Circus Hula Hoop & Variety Show

  • Comedy

  • Audience Participation

  • Customizable Length

Choreographed Shows

  • Full Feature Shows

  • Fire & LED

  • Customizable Theme & Length

Specialty Acts

  • Grand Multi Fire Hula Hoop Act (Four Fire Hula Hoops)

  • LED Shows

  • Grand Circus Show (Cyr Wheel, Aerial Acts, Magic, Juggling, Hula Hoops)

  • Customizable Theme & Length

   ** Video of Full Acts Available on Request


Roaming or Animation

  • Themed Characters

  • Interactive Animation

  • Podium Sets, Walkabout & Event Greeters


  • Circus Camps & Educational Programs

  • Panel Discussions

  • Festivals & Retreats

  • Social Circus Programs

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