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Multi Hoop Theatre Kate (1)
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Hula Hoop
Headshow 1
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Kate fur coat
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Face Balance



Kate Ryan is a professional circus artist and entertainer; specializing in Circus Hula Hoop, Face Balancing, and Grand Multi Fire Hoop. Her client resume includes representation of of Cirque du Soleil (Theatre Mama), MSC CruisesPrincess Cruises (Don Casino Agency), Party like Gatsby Speakeasy EU, Cartoon Network: resident artist and Adelaide Fringe IncHer work as an artist, entrepreneur and humanitarian has been performed in twenty different countries across the globe.

In 2021, her digital adaptation to the circus arts industry and her work as a Director, Producer, Editor, and Artist in TENwas recognized by the Montreal Independent Film Festival and won “Audience Choice: Feature Film” at the Circus International Film Festival.

In addition to performing, Kate produces, directs and tours numerous shows and artists across the country for her company, The Little Red Ball Company.


As a humanitarian, Kate dedicates her talents to social circus projects around the world (Spark Circus); with features in magazines such as L'oreal Vietnam.


Kate is a multi-disciplinary artist who dedicates her talents to social circus projects in Canada, Australia and Asia. She believes in facilitating the importance of play in every person's life. With over ten years of experience in the live entertainment industry, Kate is the Team Lead, Tour Manager and Media Manager for the NGO Spark Circus. By working with organizations such as Play OnSideNutrien and Help Without Frontiers, Kate is able to share youth and social circus with thousands of at-risk youth and refugees each year. 

As an entertainer, facilitator and social media persona, Kate is the first Canadian Ambassador to Hoopologie, the world's most revolutionary hula hoop company. Kate produces online journals, videos and content for the brand​.

Awards & Recognition

  • "TEN" Audience Choice Award Full Feature Film; Circus International Film Festival 2021 (Director, Producer, Artist)

  • "TEN" Montreal Film Festival Honourable Mention/ Monthly Award Winner

  • 2016 - 2020 Spin Circus Academy (Instructor)

  • First Canadian Ambassador to Hoopologie

  • Runner-Up Centerfest's Battle of the Buskers 2018

  • Nominated Hula Hooper of the Year 2015 – 2017 

  • Grand Multi Fire Hula Hoop Act (the only full feature four hoop fire act in Western Canada)

"We want her back! Amazing performance and we want her full time!"

Zamir  Dhanji, Artist Director

Cartoon Network Amazone

Photo 2020-11-04, 3 42 05 PM.jpg

Performance & Entertainment Skills

  • Director & Producer (large touring, theatrical shows performed live and digitally)

  • Film Director, Producer, Cinematographer

  • Traditional & Contemporary Circus Hula Hoop

  • Face Balancing

  • Hula Hoop Rolling

  • Grand Multi Fire Hoop

  • Theatrical Character/ Clown

  • Coach & Instructor

  • Social Circus Facilitator, Youth Circus

  • Film and Cinematography

  • Documentarian, Media Team Project Manager (Spark Circus),

  • Video & Audio Edit

  • Web Design, Social Networking, Blogging
    Organization, Facilitating Teams of 10+ Performers

  • Administration

  • Prop Building

  • Costume Design

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audience choice.png


  • Circus International Film Festival 2021

  • TED X 2018 

  • StoryHive Documentary Edition "Circle of Wonder" 2018

  • Spark Circus Media Team Manager 2017 - Present

  • Vietnam Free Press "Spark Circus" 2018

  • Fernie Free Press "Bibbity Boppity Boo" 2018

  • Global Calgary "Circus Kasai & Kate Ryan Circus" 2017

  • Saskatoon Star Phoenix "Circus Kasai" 2015, 2016 & 2017

  • Miss Western Alberta 2012/ 2013, Miss Yukon Territory Globe 2012/ 2013

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