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Samui Circus Studio
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Hugues Fournaise
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Samui Circus Studio

Who We Are

Spark Circus is a group of international circus performers who come together to bring joy to groups of disadvantaged children in refugee camps, migrant schools, hospitals and orphanages along the Thai Burmese border.​ With local and international support we reach over 4,000 children each year with circus playshops and shows, as well as sponsoring teacher's salaries, access to clean drinking water, safe transportation and donations of art supplies and creative tools.

The goal is to lighten their days with magic, wonder, laughter and smiles. Spark is completely volunteer based, and relies entirely on generous donations and community support .


This annual project is designed to develop creativity, physical fitness, communication skills, teamwork, confidence and cultural awareness in the communities they visit. 

Visit Spark! Circus for more information

Who Are The Children


Our team works directly with at risk youth, seeking refugee from Burma's political and economic conflicts.

The Burmese civil war has been going on for many decades, becoming one of the longest civil wars on the planet. The conflicts in Burma have forced families to flee their homes seeking refuge in Thailand. Some children have been born in refugee camps and have known no other home. Once in Thailand, these children may be safe from war, but are still very vulnerable to the ravages of poverty, exploitation and other dangers and little emphasis is given for one of the basic needs Spark Circus consider essential: PLAY

Play is a fundamental part of children’s development and Spark is committed to bringing a big spark of happiness, love, amusement and entertainment into these children’s lives and the lives of those who work with them in the camps and orphanages.

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