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"some day we will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again, some day we will remember how to play."



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  • Expand your knowledge and experience with professional circus hula hoop training.

  • Improve your technique and confidence.

  • Build the foundational skills needed for circus-style hula hoop. 


  • Proper body alignment, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

  • One-on-one private lessons available.

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Coaching adult, youth and social circus programs circus for over ten years, Kate has an experienced background working with individuals in performance, circus hula hoop and clown.

Kate's experience teaching circus and performance workshops reaches an international audience as she works with several circus groups across the globe. When she is not on project with Spark Circus in Thailand, she tours North America, Europe, Australia and Asia performing and teaching. She is relentlessly dedicated to her work and achieves the highest possible standard of entertainment and play.

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