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Creating a Healthy Support System: For Hoopers and Entrepreneurs

Hey Hoopers and Hoop Performers!

Having a healthy support group in your life can make all the difference in your performance, brand and business.

However, allowing yourself to feel the love (all the love) from your community, friends and family can have it's difficulties, especially if you're out there trying to save the world entirely on your own!

As entrepreneurs we can get SO caught up in our own work and become so driven to "be something" rather then "do something". Surrounding yourself with real people, who share the same values as you makes all the difference on your work ethic, overall happiness AND self confidence (which is HUGE if you're anything like me, and sometimes lock yourself away behind the computer).

Feeling underappreciated in your most personal work can take its toll; it can cause anxiety, depression and focus all the wrong efforts on a lack of self confidence.

And not talking about it... will cause a nasty riffle effect. Sometimes, we feel lonely. That's a thing. Having a proper support system can make a world of difference, so here's some tips, tricks and "doings" for creating a healthy support system, getting out of the house and meeting all the right people to take your hoop goals and business to the next level!

1. Find Your Tribe

Reaching out the community around you will be a powerful tool for sharing new ideas, coaching one another and building each other to be stronger men and women. Surrounding yourself with other hoopers, entrepreneurs, flow artists and dreamers will build your self confidence and help you feel like more of a "WE" then "I". Rather then thinking "what can I do?", consider thinking "what can WE accomplish!" After all, we are an awesome group on unique hoopers who want ALL the hoop love for EVERYONE! If you are unable to find your tribe, consider creating your own by hosting social gatherings, connecting with artists over the internet and chatting with the people you look up to!

2. Share Mutual Goals - Collaborate

Collaborating with like minded artists can bring new life to your work, create excitement in a boring routine and is a much healthier alternative then competition in your community. That being said, competition CAN be healthy (check out Community vs. Competition here!) We all have our individual ways to accomplish our goals and create new work, so why not share that with your friends and supporters. They say two heads is better than one, how about two hoops!

Safire and Kate with Hoopologie

Invite hoopers over for training/ play dates, here you can share new trick ideas and choreography with each other.

If you're the kind of hooper and entrepreneur who loves to pump our online content consider inviting a friend over for a productivity powwow (Thanks Safire - who's seated beside me as I write this), it will motivate, encourage and bring a new set of eyes to the table.

3. Do VS. Non Doing

What a POWER move this is! Have you ever heard someone say "do the thing!", it's the best advice I can give you.

The act of doing can bring you outside your comfort zone and connect you with new and exciting people. You can spend all the time you want thinking up new ideas, and playing around behind the scenes, but unless you share and do the thing you really want to - no one will know it exists.

Simple acts like; LEAVING the house can introduce you to new opportunities.

Hoopers often ask me "how do you do it?", and the answer is simple, it is the act of actually physically getting up and DOING the thing, whatever and however crazy it may seem! The only difference is the doing and the non-doing. Give yourself daily tasks to work towards a bigger goal.


Today I will share my goals with someone I trust and collect feedback.

Today I will join a hoop jam and share ideas with other hoopers and entrepreneurs.

Today I will accomplish a mini goal that will be the foundations to a larger goal (Rome wasn't built in a day!).

4. Check Yourself - and others too

You know what's best for yourself and your profession, so do what you feel is the best thing to do. As much as I don't want to say it and admit this, be careful WHO you partner with. Some partnerships might not be the best for you and your brand, consider what values you have and put yourself first. It's okay to protect your art.

When approaching or being approached by supportive roles, meditate on the relationship. Is this someone you want your brand to be associate with? Does this FEEL right? Do I connect with this person and/or group?

More often than not, relationships, sponsorship's and partnerships can look much "shinier" than they actually are. We grow excited over potential opportunities and maybe find ourselves distract by the reality of the situation. That's OK, it happens, to almost everyone. If you' re able to distinguish and, if needed, defuse the situation in a positive way (i.e - before you've committed, contracted and established the partnership) you'll save yourself from potential fall outs, disagreements and disappointment.

You can do this by sharing an open conversation with the parties involved, ask yourselves; What do we hope to gain from this relationship? How can we support each other? Do we share the same values?

Don't be afraid to leave the relationship either, over time our values may change and the partnership can take a hit. If you are no longer feeling secure in the relationship it might be time to talk with the parties involved about moving in a new direction - that be separating or reevaluating the partnership. This can be a difficult conversation to have, think logically about why you may be leaving the relationship and try your best to keep the split amicable.

It will make a world of difference when you feel supported by, and support the right kind of people. When the time comes you'll know you've found your perfect fit! Love and all the best, Kate


Hoopologie Dream Team!

Do you have any great tips and tricks that have inspired you to support yourself with a healthy support system?? Share you stories below! In the past twelve months I have made a conscious effort to surround myself with supportive and successful people. Mostly women! It has made the world of difference. I made a change in sponsors and became an ambassador for the most amazing family-run company. I reached out to many great mentors and friends who share the same values as I regarding social circus for social injustice. These actions have assisted in my overall happiness, drive and self confidence. I am inspired by the people I surround myself with! That's a choice anyone of us has the power to make and will change their lives for the best!

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