Creating a Healthy Support System: For Hoopers and Entrepreneurs

Hey Hoopers and Hoop Performers!

Having a healthy support group in your life can make all the difference in your performance, brand and business.

However, allowing yourself to feel the love (all the love) from your community, friends and family can have it's difficulties, especially if you're out there trying to save the world entirely on your own!

As entrepreneurs we can get SO caught up in our own work and become so driven to "be something" rather then "do something". Surrounding yourself with real people, who share the same values as you makes all the difference on your work ethic, overall happiness AND self confidence (which is HUGE if you're anything like me, and sometimes lock yourself away behind the computer).

Feeling underappreciated in your most personal work can take its toll; it can cause anxiety, depression and focus all the wrong efforts on a lack of self confidence.

And not talking about it... will cause a nasty riffle effect. Sometimes, we feel lonely. That's a thing. Having a proper support system can make a world of