Creating a Character, for Hoopers and Hoop Performers

Festivale Photo, Saskatoon SK

Hey Hula Hoopers and Hoop Performers! Recently I've been asked by hoopers for advice on creating and performing a successful hoop show. I think it's great so many of us hoopers are this enthusiastic to share our hoop love with the world. So I've created a list of suggestions on the topic of becoming a hoop performer.

The most valued influence on my shows is to first create a relate-able character that an audience will enjoy.

Why create a character? For one, it's fun to play dress up and play pretend! I've found that creating a character to experiment with inspires creativity when building the show, it also allows me to "think outside of the box" and step outside of my comfort zone. The characters we create breath new life into our hula hoop flow, and personally I've found new confidence in myself with these characters.

Below are some of my suggestions on the topic of "Creating a Hoop Character".

1. Find your Character

From performing your act, to selling your shows, one thing that will set you apart is the character you play. This is your chance to embody an alter persona of your own. An important tool to creating confidence in your character, is committing to them (don't worry, the