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Welcome! To the CIRCUS!


An energetic and creative professional circus artist, Kate has a successful record in performing arts and social circus.




She is a character of sorts. a professional oddball and outstanding performer with an endearing stage presence. Kate is a force to be reckoned with. As a chameleon throughout her youth (never one to quiet fit in, but always able to colour any space), she is an ideal role model in the business that we call show business.



Her mission: to empower audiences, promote healthy  lifestyle choices, and create confident communities.


Kate's work with numerous charities and independent circus artists along her first international journey to Asia served to solidify her career as a circus artist. Her passion, commitment, and talent for the circus arts were even further strengthened during the following year, studying under Cirque artists in Australia.


With her love and attention focused into Multi - Style Hula Hooping, Kate learned to create unique hula hoop acts with graceful and distinguished lines. It was at this time in 2014 when Kate discovered her love of Acro - Dance. This new style allowed her greater versatility in choreographing composite pieces by integrating both majors.


Kate's history includes the privilege of working with renowned performers and directors in various contemporary, urban, corporate and multi-disciplinary performance creations. She has presented circus pieces in Canada, Australia and Asia among various International Festivals.



She is (the first) Canadian ambassador of, frequent feature on, and a leading contender in revolutionary, fun-fab-fitness!




Nominated for Hula Hooper of the Year Canada 2015


Weapon of choice: Hula Hoop

An energetic and creative professional Circus Artist, Kate has a successful record in performing arts, social circus, and fitness training.


Kate has experience teaching all age groups and aims to empower her students by making them feel more self-confident in their own bodies. Kate is a self taught teacher who makes everyone feel included regardless of their ability. Originally from Canada Kate began teaching in Nepal, a small country located north of India. She taught in numerous orphanages and helped raise funds from local charities with dance performances and workshops. She is relentlessly dedicated to her work and achieves the highest possible standard of professionalism.


Most recently Kate co-managed the community circus group, Viral Happiness in Melbourne, Australia. Teaching social circus to the communities at weekly events, inspiring healthy lifestyle choices, self-confidence and improving the development of the self.

Kate regularly performs solo circus and partnered work.A dedicated contortion student, circus inspired hula, partner acrobatic, and prides herself on her stage presence both on stage and in street theater. Weapon of choice: Hula Hoop.

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